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Workhorse Hot Tag Pre Workout Review

Workhorse Hot Tag Pre Workout Review

Hello beautiful people! Today I would like to discuss Workhorse Supplements’ Hot Tag pre-workout. You may find it difficult to determine whether you should take supplements when working out and which are the most beneficial. Leg day used to be my least favorite workout because I could never complete the entire session. This has changed ever since I began using Hot Tag!

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Is working out a hobby?

You probably know that working out is a hobby of mine, along with reading, blogging, YouTube, makeup, playing video games, baking, and gaming. Working out is my newest hobby in the sense that I’ve been doing it for the least amount of time, only over the past decade.

How Much do you Exercise?

I walk 2.5 mile in the morning, which takes 35-45 mins. Then I workout for 30 minutes in my home gym. In the evening, after dinner, i walk another 2.5 mile (which takes 35-45 mins). I get at least 100 minutes of exercise a day, and that doesn’t count me chasing Nyx and Amaya around the yard for fun!

Dave and I work out together and walk together, so we’ve made working out into a hobby with a buddy system. We encourage…

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