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Can drinking Lemon Water on an empty stomach lead to faster weight loss?


When trying to reduce excess fat, a hot glass of warm lemon water is often recommended as the first step. Many consider it to be a miracle cure for weight loss. Is there scientific evidence to support this concoction, or is it a myth? Let’s find out:

Experts suggest that you should not start your day with a cup or two of coffee, especially if you are empty stomached. It may cause acid reflux which can lead to digestive problems and bloating. Coffee on an empty stomach raises cortisol (stress hormone), which can lead to weight gain. It is best to delay having coffee/tea after you wake up. Drinking a full glass warm water with a squeezed lemon in such situations will help to hydrate and increase metabolism.

Lemon when mixed with water flushes out toxins and it’s a low-calorie drink to kickstart your day, and detoxify the body.

For additional benefits, you can add ginger, mint, and cucumber. Honey can increase the calories, so it is important to keep honey out.

There’s no doubt there are multiple benefits of drinking lemon water every day, particularly morning, but only a calorie deficit through diet and exercise will melt away extra…

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