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What religion does the Celtic Knot symbolize?

What religion does the Celtic Knot symbolize?

 Unraveling Mystery: What religion does Celtic Knot symbolize?

Like me, are you curious about the meaning of the Celtic Knot? This article will explain the meaning and history of the Celtic knot, and how it relates to religion.

Celtic knotwork Celtic knots have secular and religious meanings. Their religious side is evident in the Celtic knots that decorate Bible manuscripts and jewelry, as well as crosses. The trinity is the most well-known knot and is associated with the Holy Trinity.

Joining the three half circles creates a clover-like form with three pointed ends. This ancient Celtic symbol was first seen before the beginning of Celtic Christianity. It is now accepted as being the strongest symbol within the Christian faith. Popular opinion during the Celtic Cultural Revival of the 19th Century held that this early Celtic symbol represented the Holy Trinity. 

Celtic knots, with their no-end and no-beginning nature, are believed to symbolize the unending cycle of life or the spirit of humanity. Celtic knots were an integral part of Celtic religious beliefs, since they represented the spiritual power and protection of the gods.

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