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Below the Weather: DIY Raincloud Headpiece


Week two of my illness was over. I lay in bed in a Nyquil-induced haze. Overhead, I was surrounded by a raincloud. I admit, I was a bit hazy. It gave me an idea.

I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even get out of bed to do any creative work, but by week three, I felt much more capable. Almost there In my quest for recovery, I decided that the raincloud could be made into a DIY raincloud headpiece. Then I took my 2023 first self-portrait.

Besamé beaded lashes, “Marlene” wig , vintage jumpsuit, Blair Imani x Fempower Beauty “Self” lip set

How I made my DIY raincloud-headpiece

For my DIY raincloud hairpiece, I used materials I had at home and in my craft box: floral wire; cardboard from a USPS package; extra batting; spare pieces of the chandelier; and a worn but not worn headband. It’s not the most sophisticated creation. Hot glue and wire keep it together. It’s dusted in eyeshadow to give it dimension. It worked. Here’s a short video that shows the entire process.

About my self portrait

I shot this on my Canon R6 with my profoto strobes, and taped a blue gel to the hair light (in front of a long snoot of cinefoil & without the modeling light to reduce the exposure to heat). I also did some…

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