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The Newest Trend in Plastic Surgery: The Natural Look


 The Natural Look: Is it the newest trend in plastic surgery?

Do you think it is time to say farewell to the droopy cheeks, cheek filler that creates extra volume, the Kardasion BBLs, the frozen eyelids lifts and browlifts?

Well, InStyle Comments about “the end of the BBL era” abound on social media, owing, in no small part, to the smaller derrières sported by Kim or Khloe K. that non-surgical procedures are also leaning more towards the natural.  

Molly-Mae Hague, UK’s influencer, had her lips filled with lip fillers to make her look natural. 

Last but not least… The Madonna Fiasco. 

You’re Not Offended That Madonna’s Had Plastic Surgery—You’re Offended That You Can Tell 

Yes, I am bringing up Madonna’s entire fiasco as well as all the comments about her fake looks. Is this a generation that is calling the kettle black? I don’t think so. 

It wasn’t that Madonna had been a plastic surgeon, it was that her extensive surgeries had made offense clear.

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Smaller Is Better… The New Trend In Plastic Surgery
The natural look is…

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