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What is the first part to lose weight?

What is the first part to lose weight?

It’s a common desire to embark on a weight loss journey to target specific areas to melt away extra fat – belly, thighs, hips are some common areas of concern. Some of us are troubled by a bulging stomach while others are worried about thigh and back fat. Unfortunately, when our bodies don’t conform and do not shed layers of fat from these areas first, it can lead to demotivation and frustration. Experts have said that the myth of spot reduction does not exist. However, people wonder which part on their body loses weight first. Now, spot reduction aside, experts say an individual’s gender, body type, genes, and not to forget diet, all play important roles in determining from where they would be losing weight quickly and where they would be retaining fat for the longest. It is also important to remember that hormonal issues like insulin resistance can make it difficult to lose belly fat. With high insulin levels, belly fat will be retained for the longest. So, let’s solve this fat loss puzzle – which part loses first?

More information about fat storage in cells

The number and size of fat cells may increase. Consuming excessive calories over time can cause fat.

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