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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Picks


I recently produced a video campaign for Amazon, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Rather than focusing on romance — because ew, icky love stuff! (jk jk) — I decided to focus on self love. And, you know, gifts I’d rather get than a box of chocolates that I never enjoy as much as a simple Ritter Sport biscuit chocolate bar. Aw man, now I want one of those. Since you can’t directly shop my videos, here are each of the items that were highlighted in my TikTok and Instagram.

Valentine's Day Gift Picks for cozy self care

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

Cozy Self-Care picks for Valentine’s Day

1. Glass teapot with removable infuser (under $25!): I bought this to use with blooming tea, but I also love the removable diffuser for loose leaf tea!

2. Pink ceramic mug: This cute and classic mug is available in 12 colors, single or in pairs.

3. The iconic volcano candle from capri blue: If you know, you know. Forever one of my favorite scents.

4. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami: I read every night before bed, to disconnect and unwind. But my dream day? Cozying up and reading a book cover to cover. It doesn’t take much.

Valentine's Day Gift Picks slippers
Valentine's Day Gift Picks you actually want

Valentine’s Day Gifts I’d *actually* like

  1. Facial roller and gua sha stone: I started using facial rollers and gua sha stones for their anti-aging, beautiful skin benefits — but I kept using them because they’re also fantastic for headaches, TMJ relief, and relaxation in general.

2. Pink silicone kitchen utensils: With our new pink and white kitchen, it felt like the time to commit to some pink utensils. These were a fantastic deal and come with so much!

3. The BEST travel steamer: I have had this steamer for years. Over a decade, in fact! My original one was solid black, and I loved it so much that I bought the stand up version (in pink) for home use in 2017. I dropped the original travel steamer a few hundred too many times and decided that it was time to upgrade my duct-taped version for a new one. And why not make it pink?

4. Cozy, fuzzy slippers: These are the comfiest slippers. I loooove them.

5. Silk sleep mask: At some point in my adult life, I became the type of person who needs to sleep with a mask. Whether it’s weighted, filled with dried lavender, or a luxurious silk…It just helps me drift off faster. But ooh, the silk!

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