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Sorry Beanies & Gloves, Oversized Scarves Are Our Go-To Winter Accessory


Beanies? Gloves? Gloves are essential in winter when the wind chill drops to negative double-digits and your extra hot cup of coffee gets cold in a matter of minutes. But on the winter fashion scale, both tend to be sort of basic. Au contraireScarves can be anything, but they are not the only thing. Silk ones, skinny ones, plaid ones, cashmere ones, even scarf jackets… see what we mean? But if there’s one scarf we’ll always hold closest to our hearts (literally), it’s the oversized scarves that keep us warm and snug all winter long.

Designers agree, based on what we have seen. Every br is putting its mark on this cold-weather accessory. From luxe cashmere options to colorful, playful patterns and minimalistic tinted blanket scarves, there are zero excuses for your neck to get cold and To be fashionablely dressed up. So next time you think about spending $10 on your fifth pair of black “tech-friendly” gloves that you already own or a looks-like-every-other-beanie, opt for an oversized scarf that’s just as much of an accessory as it is a necessity. Plus, since it’s extra long, it can also double as a chic balaclava.

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