Home Beauty Hacks Sneak Peek: Dior Rouge Blush Swatches (x15) (2023 Reformulation)

Sneak Peek: Dior Rouge Blush Swatches (x15) (2023 Reformulation)

Sneak Peek: Dior Rouge Blush Swatches (x15) (2023 Reformulation)

Dior Rouge Blush Recently reformulated and relaunched with mostly new shades, though some shades returned. Recently reformulated, relaunched in mostly new shades. Some shades have returned. I didn’t purchase the ones that were returning since there were just so many new shades and already blew the budget with those! I figured if the new ones performed well, it’s likely the returning shades would be comparable and I have close-enough-swatches for those. Thankfully, the reformulation seems to have resulted in a comparable formula overall – nothing amiss yet. The brand describes its formula as follows:

Dior reinvented Rouge Blush. This blush enhances cheeks and gives them a healthy glow. Its couture-inspired color is available with four different finishes: mattes, satins, shimmers, and holographics. The blush’s formula is composed with 90%* natural-origin ingredients and infused with floral skincare ingredients. The product keeps the skin moisturized and provides comfort throughout the day. Its lightweight, silky texture feels like a second skin. The range of Rouge Blush shades is inspired by the iconic Rouge Dior lipstick range — a spectrum of hues from pink to red with variations of coral, beige, and plum that…

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