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Shapellx PowerConceal Tank bodysuit

Shapellx PowerConceal Tank bodysuit

Hello lovely people! Today, I want to tell you about the Shapellx PowerConceal Tank Bodysuit. Shapellx has sent me their AirSlim Fishnet Shaping Tights and their PowerConceal tank bodysuit to share with all of you. Shapellx sent me the bodysuit and tights.

This article contains a warning about the content. I discuss my upcoming surgery.

Where to buy
Shapellx, Amazon


Shapellx, a local Florida brand of shapewear is one I like to highlight. They’re committed to becoming the world’s first fully sustainable and eco-friendly shapewear brand in the mainstream market by 2025. They’ve been featured at InStyle, Cosmpolitan, Today and People.

Why Shapewear

When I was first thinking about a breastlift the doctor said that they could use lipo to make fat grafts to help with the lift. Little did I realize that a breast lift was not in my future.

Instead, I’m now scheduled for a prophylactic double mastectomy with breast reconstruction surgery and will need breast implants. It is important that the lipo they use to make a graft of fat be used in this situation because it will help to prevent implant rejecting. It is important to wear shapewear after surgery (after drains have been removed) in order to…

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