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(Semi) DIY Bed Crown Canopy


A semi DIY bed crown canopy for the person who wants a custom look, but doesn’t want to spend the time building it from scratch.

semi diy bed crown canopy using ready made curtains and a pre-cut teester frame.

When we moved into our current home, I was determined to takes its stark 90s shell and make it feel a little homier. Our room was a great place to start, because I wanted to keep almost everything from our Brooklyn apartment. We did make some changes and add some new pieces, and one of those new pieces was our semi DIY bed crown canopy. I always loved the look of them, and I knew that it could bring some extra coziness to this room, with its high and slanted ceilings.

One thing I want to get out of the way, and only because it’s something that initially bothered me (I’m over it, now), is a disclaimer: we had to hang the bed crown lower than the ceiling because it’s a slanted ceiling, and it wouldn’t have looked right otherwise. Also, this was taken at a weird angle but the chandelier is more centered with the bed…it’s just hard for me to get a good front on picture without moving my antique vanity.


Since I get tons of questions about this little part of our bedroom decor, I’m dedicating this post entirely to it. Here’s everything you need to know to get the look of my bed crown canopy!

The shopping details

This is the exact frame we bought from Juliesdecor. I purchased two pairs of these curtains, two of these solid blush valances, and three of these jacquard valances. The curtains were a little short, so I sewed on some fringe at the bottom. The beauty of this is you can choose any curtains or valance you want, or make it yourself! The bedding is from the same brand, Touch of Class.

What do you mean by “semi-diy” bed crown canopy?

I say semi-DIY because I did not build this myself from scratch. That was the original plan — to make it ourselves (or with the help of my brother-in-law, realistically). When I found this DIY bed crown canopy frame kit, I chose convenience. Plus, I had a lot of other projects I wanted to ask my brother-in-law to help with!

I can sew, but it was much less time consuming to get ready-made curtains and a valance. Adding some fringe to the bottom to made them the correct length. I mixed ready made and DIY! The idea of simply switching out the curtains and valance when I want to change things up was very appealing.

What comes with the diy bed crown canopy frame?

The crown canopy frame comes in pieces, with assembly required. It’s a lightweight plastic frame that comes flat and bends into place with metal brackets and rods for the curtains. That’s it! With the frame cut to size, all you have to do is add your own curtains and valance! There’s also a smaller option that just holds rod pocket curtains, no valance. You can find that here.

Can I buy a pre-made bed crown canopy?

Yes! I bought the frame from an Etsy shop called Juliesdecor who makes custom bed crown canopies. Look at this stunning example! Expect to pay more for custom. Her items require a lot of material, time, and expertise.

Alternatively, if you search “bed crown” or “bed crown canopy” or “bed teester” you can find other options. I almost went with a teester from A Touch of Class, where I bought my bedding and curtains. (Hot tip: you could also search “vintage syroco shelf” and DIY a similar teester!)

I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. It brought that extra special something to our bedroom decor. What corner of our house would you like to see, next?

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