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Our Pink Kitchen Makeover with HomeGoods


woman sitting on kitchen counter in Our Kitchen Makeover

Our Pink Kitchen Makeover

Welcome to our pink (and green and white) kitchen! I might not be known for my cooking, but Bobby sure is! As soon as we moved in we realized the kitchen needed to be our first renovation priority. It’s a central part of our house, and since Bobby also has his Retro Recipes cooking series, he spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Not only was it literally falling apart, but the vibes were just not right. We’re not fans of beige. I’m sure you could already tell that. It was time for a pink kitchen makeover.

I teamed up with HomeGoods to finish decorating and outfitting our pastel kitchen, and I finally have some photos to share with you!

Believe it or not, guys can like pink — and Bobby loves it. Which is great for me because I love it, too. When we were discussing the plans for the kitchen, we went over different colors and design ideas (more on that process, later) and Bobby preferred the pink. As a reminder, this is what we started with:

photos before Kitchen Makeover
countertop Kitchen Makeover
before and after Kitchen Makeover

And on the right is where we are, now. It’s not done but it’s close enough (light fixture is next!) and I’ve had so many requests to show where we’re at. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the whole design process, renovation, and what we used in the next post, but for now, let’s talk about the icing on the cake: the decor!


Pastel bakeware, towels, and oven mitts from HomeGoods. Right: the prettiest cake stand, which was one of Bobby’s HomeGoods finds!

pink Kitchen Makeover
pink and white Kitchen Makeover

Originally, we wanted to extend the cabinets to the ceiling — but the slanted ceiling and extra height were difficult, both in design/function and financially. We kept the walls white for awhile, to give the illusion of continue height, but it felt cold and stark and not quite right.

After two coats of pink paint, we went to HomeGoods to find some decorative touches for on top of the cabinets. I had the idea of putting plants and dried flowers in an eclectic mix of different planters and vases, and if you’ve ever seen the options at your local HomeGoods (or online!), you know it’s a one stop shop for pretty ceramics.

More Pink Kitchen Makeover Decor Details:

pink and white vases and flowers

Can you believe these all came from one shopping trip? It’s probably the easiest decorating I’ve ever done. The two floral arrangements on the right felt like they were made for this kitchen!


This pink letter organizer is a perfect storage solution for Bobby’s antique cookbooks. I spotted it in the office / desk supplies and knew it would be just as great in the kitchen! While most stay in the cabinet, this week’s currently used books are on display for easy reference. Right: We found these washable kitchen rags in the kitchen section of our local HomeGoods. They’re a much better (and more attractive!) cleanup solution than the frequent use of paper towels.

HomeGoods has a gorgeous selection of globally sourced ceramics, each with a note of where they were made. Some of my picks were handmade in Portugal, Vietnam, and France! They had so many options in our color palette, I didn’t have to go anywhere else. The dried florals are also from HomeGoods, and one of the plants is faux, from the garden section. Can you spot which plants are real, and which one is fake? Pssst…remember that you can shop HomeGoods online, and here are some of my picks: this green vase, planter set and textured white planter.

plant, plates and vases on countertop
plant, plates and vases on white countertop

We have these plates and bowls (which are sourced from Portugal) in white and absolutely love them, so when we spotted them in pink, we rounded out our collection to match our two toned cabinets. This candle is not only a perfect match, but also one of my favorite scents — gardenia! I bought two. The vase is another handmade, globally sourced piece and the planter at right came in two different sizes, so I got two of both. I know what I like!

oven and counter for kitchen makeover

Items from HomeGoods

The kitchen towels, oven mitts, baking pan and dish are all from HomeGoods. Some are more recent finds, while others have been around for awhile. We have slowly added to our pastel kitchen collection since moving in, and I’d say about 90% of it was sourced at HomeGoods.

kitchen island after kitchen makeover


One of our cake plates fell, recently, so Bobby and I went to HomeGoods to find a replacement. I found a pretty but simple white one, but Bobby wanted something with color. He spotted this pink cake stand with a cover — which is even better! — and said, “This sparks joy!” Right: Two small pink baking dishes and floral bamboo containers ($9.99 for a set of 3 — and they’re amazing quality) for leftovers made their way into our cupboards. They’re perfect for Bobby’s daily cooking series.

So, what do you think of our pink kitchen makeover?

Thanks so much to HomeGoods for making our pretty, pastel kitchen even prettier. Don’t forget that you can now shop online!

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