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Most Viewed Fashion Items On Tik Tok ⋆ Chimere Nicole


This page serves as a collection of my most asked Tik Tok fashion and lifestyle items. I have shared these items on my various social media platforms and many of them have gone viral. I wanted to have a complete list for you all to look through and enjoy. This list will be updated bi-weekly to make sure all of the links still work. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any trouble.

amazon bodycon dress

Ruched Bodycon Dress:

Plaid Button Down Long Sleeve Trench Coat:

Two-Piece Long Sleeve Track Suit:


red trench coat

Red Coat:

I have tons of other options for red coats that are under $100 HERE

Gray Coat:

Again, I have a complete list of coats under $50 HERE

White Blouse:

One of my favorite fashion finds from Amazon.

Spice Organizer:

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