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The Most Disappointing Products in 2022


There were many excellent products in 2022. But there were also some duds. For example, Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Eyes to Mesmerise were spectacularly bad, which was quite unexpected given the raves for the original formula (which has shimmer). I had high hopes for Moira’s Diamond Daze Liquid Shadows but so many were poor; the same was true Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadows (reformulation) and NYX Glow Shots Liquid Eyeshadows. You could say that liquid eyeshadows and I did not get on that well in 2022…

They’re not all reviewed, but the ones that have been reviewed (and nothing is changing in the ones to-be-reviewed, lol), Rose Inc finally disappointed me with their Satin Duet Eyeshadows. With their new Pure Color Quads, Estee Lauder produced some of the worst eyeshadows ever.

I had high expectations for Makeup by Mario’s Ethereal Eyes, but it was such a divergence from past formulations and really did not perform well enough to justify the price point.

Which were your disappointments in 2022

The Most Disappointing Products in 2022

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