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Let’s talk about books (and shop this look!)


February 23, 2022

woman sharing sitting a t pink couch and talking about books

What books have you read, recently? If I had my choice, I would probably read all day, every day — which is what I often do when I take a full day or two off. But on normal days, I’m a nighttime reader. I usually read for about an hour before bed, and it helps me shut my brain off and get some real sleep.

Let’s talk about books (and shop this look!)

For the past few years, I started getting into “lighter” books – beachy reads, feel good books, and fun mysteries and suspense that aren’t too heavy. And Old Hollywood biographies, because you know that’s my thing. But I recently read a book that both broke and filled my heart — All the Light We Cannot See — and it made me realize I was shutting myself off to the books that made me love reading, to begin with. Truthfully, I was not in a place to deal with anything that made my heart heavier than it was…but I think I’m getting to a better place, with the help of healing and medication (and I promise, I will get to that post someday soon).

I still enjoy the light, fun reads a lot (I’m currently reading “All Adults Here” and like it, so far!) but is there a book that just completely swept you away? Please let me know, in the comments! And since I know I’ll get questions about this outfit and most of it is old, I put together some pieces I found that can help you get the look!

collage of fashion items

The Look

  1. asos mint sweater (on sale for $21!)
  2. sweatshirt cardigan
  3. loveshackfancy cardigan
  4. statement collar shirt (on sale for $20)
  5. Nation LTD peter pan collar shirt (on sale — made out of t-shirt material!)
  6. Aliette pink mini skirt
  7. pink corduroy mini skirt (under $20)
  8. pink beret (under $20)
  9. Eugenia Kim beret (from the sale section, and I personally have & love this)

collage of socks and footwear

Socks and Foorwear

  1. lirika matoshi tulle star socks
  2. lirika matoshi “love story” tulle floral socks
  3. adore me sheer polka dot socks
  4. adore me sheer grid socks
  5. daisy block heel sandals
  6. mint green mary janes
  7. mint green heeled sandals

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