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Jo Malone London Wild Swimming 2022 Crystal Campion, Salty Amber


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There’s a brand new Jo Malone collection and everyone is very excited about it!! Here’s everything you need to know about the Jo Malone London Wild Swimming Collection that contains much loved Wood Sage and Sea Salt along with new fragrances Crystal Campion, Forest Moss, Salty Amber and Aqua Lemon!

What’s in the Jo Malone London Wild Swimming Collection?
Jo Malone London Wild Swimming

The Jo Malone Wild Swimming collection includes:

Crystal Campion Cologne 30ml £56 / €64Crystal Campion Hydrating Face Mist 45ml £21 / €31Forest Moss Cologne 30ml £56 / €64Salty Amber Cologne 30ml £56 / €64Aqua Lemon Cologne 30ml £56 / €64Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 30ml £56 / €64Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 100ml £112 / €128Special-Edition Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle £52 / €59

Keep reading for highlights of each of the new fragrances.

Jo Malone London Wild Swimming

Jo Malone London Crystal Campion Review

Crystal Campion takes its inspiration from the clarity of crystal waters. It has been created to evoke a hidden cove surrounded by smooth pebbles with bunches of dewy flowers spilling out.

Jo Malone London Wild Swimming – Crystal Campion

It has soft rose, powdery violet and juicy yet subtle blackcurrant. It’s one of my favourites and set to be a best seller in the collection.

Crystal Campion Face Mist

There’s also a Crystal Campion Face Mist which I am very excited about. I feel like some people may be surprised to see a face mist in a Jo Malone London collection but I used to love their Vitamin E eye cream. And of course they have the whole of the Estee Lauder Group’s skincare expertise at their fingertips. I am super excited to try it.

It is formulated without alcohol and enriched with pure British water, plus a hydration complex that includes Hylauronic Acid. It aims to help leave skin more supple and smooth. It’s a super fine mist and promises to get skin glowing. You can use it on clean skin, over makeup or throughout the day to refresh.

Jo Malone London Forest Moss Review

I’d say this one is potentially the most masculine one of the collection and it has a wonderful earthy edge. It aims to evoke a ray of sunlight through the towering trees of the forest, that leads to a secluded river.

It has the freshness of Juniper balanced by the natural earthiness of geranium and aromatic moss, and the cleanness of Lavender.

Jo Malone London Salty Amber Review

Ok I think this one is my favourite. In fact, I knew I’d love it before I even smelt it because the name presses all the buttons for me.

Jo Malone London Wild Swimming – Salty Amber

I am a big fan of Wood Sage & Sea Salt which has that beachy, coastal vibe that makes you feel like you’re walking in the beautiful outdoors.

Jo Malone London Wild Swimming – Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Salty Amber has the same kind of High Tide vibes where you can almost taste the salt from the beautiful sea. It’s about fresh air with a twist of sensuality and earthiness from the amber and patchouli it comprises. There’s also a soft resinous note of cardamom. LOVE IT.

Jo Malone London Aqua Lemon

This is the freshest of the collection. It is inspired by life at the Lido and is designed to evoke diving into the bright blue of the open-air pool for a morning swim.

It is citrussy and clean with lemon and mandarin, alongside energising spearmint on a warm cedarwood base.

When does Jo Malone London Wild Swimming Collection Launch?

The new collection which comprises Crystal Campion, Forest Moss, Salty Amber, Aqua Lemon and Wood Sage & Sea Salt is set to launch at Jo Malone London* on 26th April 2022.

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