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How can soy milk help with weight loss?


Soy milk is a widely-used non-dairy alternative milk. It is popular among vegans as well as lactose-intolerant individuals. Soy milk is an excellent source of calcium and protein. It’s also gaining popularity for its many health benefits. Research vouches for soy milk’s cholesterol-lowering properties (phytosterols in soy blocks absorption of cholesterol and that’s why found to improve heart health). Soy milk is also low in saturated fat and also has a good fiber content; there’s also riboflavin and vitamin B12 that boost metabolism. With so many benefits associated with soy milk, there’s a common question we often get asked – is soy milk good and safe for weight loss, especially since there’s a lot of controversy regarding the estrogen-mimicking properties of soy milk and products.

How Soy Milk Promotes Weight Loss

There’s just 54 calories in 100 ml of soy milk with approximately 4 gm of protein for the same quantity. High levels of plant-based proteins make you feel fuller for longer periods, reduce your appetite, and help to burn calories. Soy contains metabolism-boosting nutrients like calcium, magnesium and iron.  Soy milk has been shown to help slim down in obese patients according to research.

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