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Is Sabudana Good For Weight Loss?

Is Sabudana Good For Weight Loss?

Sabudana, a popular food during vrats like ekadashi or Navratri when we refrain from eating rice and wheat based dishes. Sabudana comes in small globules that look like pearls. They are made of tapoica (cassava), a root veggie. In India, this gluten-free food is used to prepare delicious dishes, such as khichdi and idli. It can also be found in kheer or vada. Sabudana or sago pearls are a popular food during fasting because they provideĀ loads of energy to people who abstain from consuming grains such as wheat and rice for a few days. Sabudana has been a popular food during fasting, especially since the 15th of October 2023 marks the beginning of Navratri. People who wish to lose weight may want to find out if it is good or bad for weight loss, and if they can eat dishes made from sabudana as part a diet. So, let’s find out:

What are Sabudana Pearls Made of?

Sabudana, or sago-pearls, are made from the starch in tapioca roots. These roots are also known as cassava and kappa in South India. Cassava, like potato, taro and yam are root vegetables. Cassava roots are crushed to extract their milk, and then processed into small globules by machine.

The 8 most popular Sabudana dishes:

1. Sabudana Khichdi – Made with sabudanas, peanuts and potatoes

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