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Is Rajma Chawal Good For Weight Loss?


Rajma chawal is more than just a staple Sunday lunch, it’s a comfort food for many. Don’t we all have strong childhood memories associated with rajma chawal? Combining rajma with steaming rice is a delicious combination that evokes warmth and nostalgia. You have to admit – pizza and pasta can never replace a plate of piping hot rajma chawal in our lives. Are you ready to give up your beloved rajma Chawal because you are determined to lose weight. But let’s first address if rajma chawal would hamper your weight loss goals? Find out more here:

Why is Rajma Chawal good for weight loss?

Rajma (or kidney beans) is one of many good sources of plant protein. As we all know protein is a macronutrient which boosts metabolism and weight reduction. It has a high thermic impact, which means that your body will burn a lot of energy just to break down the protein into its individual amino acid. Protein’s thermic effect is 30 percent, which means you’ll burn 30 percent of the calories during digestion itself. It’s a good non-perishable, affordable, high protein source with a high nutrient profile as well –  vitamins, fiber, folate, iron, copper, potassium, manganese, to name a few. The…

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