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Is Muesli Good For Weight Loss?


There are many foods available in the supermarket aisles that are marketed as “healthy” and come in packages that take minimum effort to put together. Corn flakes and muesli are two such options that serve as a convenient breakfast option for busy bees who are always pressed for time yet want to have something “healthy.” Packaged muesli primarily comprises of multigrain cereals, rolled oats, but may also have rice, corn, wheat bran, candied fruits, nuts like almonds, walnuts, raisins, sugar, etc. They can also be coated in invert syrup to add sweetness and flavour to please the consumer’s tastebuds. Muesli is quick to prepare with milk, yogurt, or fruit juices like orange juice, coconut water, almond milk, and so on. Muesli has been compared to granola as a healthier alternative. However, is muesli better for weight loss than granola. Read on to discover the truth before you add another packet of muesli in your shopping cart.

Is Muesli a good fit for your Weight Loss Diet?

If the muesli that you just picked has loads of sugar in the form of well, “sugar, invert syrup, malt extract, candied fruits, honey, jaggery, etc.,” – all that sugar will spike up the blood glucose and the subsequent slump will leave you hungry…

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