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Movie Theater Popcorn is Good for Weight Loss


A tub or two of buttery, crispy popcorn is a must-have, no matter if you enjoy watching a funny romance movie or a thrilling thriller at the theater. We have to admit it – theater popcorn tastes the best and try as you may, you would not be able to “pop” the same kind of tastebud-tickling version at home inside a pressure cooker. You can choose from the butter-salted variety, spicy Mexican cheese, caramel, tiramisu, and even tandoori at the movie theatre. Popcorn is a low-calorie snack that we don’t even consider when picking it up, especially when watching a Bollywood movie for 2 1/2 hours. We know that you want to learn if popcorn from the movie theatre is good for you if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. So, let’s find out:

The Truth About Movie Theater Popcorn

Although popcorn isn’t something you would consider unhealthy or high-calorie, there are some surprising findings about these delicious butterfly-shaped popcorns. The crunchiest theater popcorn you enjoy eating while perched on the edge of your seat can contain anywhere from 400 to 1200 calories.

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