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Is Honey Better Than Sugar For Weight Loss?


There is nothing sweeter than sugar! Honey, naturally! Honey is hailed as a healthier alternative to white sugar and that’s why people do not think twice about replacing sugar with honey because of the impression that it carries multiple health benefits. Honey has been used since antiquity to treat cough, wound healing and burns. Honey is a sweet and viscous liquid that bees make from nectar taken from flowers. The honeycomb is then transformed into honey by adding their enzymes. This honey is great for hair and skin. Since honey comes from a natural source with minimal processing, it’s considered to be healthier than sugar, and people are frantically replacing sugar with honey, and adding it to their bowl of oats, morning cup of green tea, to even garlic infused honey – all in the hopes to burn extra fat. What makes honey more effective than sugar in weight loss? Let’s find out:

There are many honey varieties available depending on where they come from, what region they are in, and what flowers they are. Honey’s composition is mainly sugar (fructose, glucose), water, enzymes, vitamins like B and C, minerals like selenium,…

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