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Is Besan Good For Weight Loss?


Is there an Indian restaurant where besan is not available? Besan or gram flour is a staple across all regions of the this vast country and thus always in stock, just like atta, rice, and cheeni; one reason is that, you can make yummilicious dishes from besan – from pakoras to gatte ki sabzi, add it to any curry to make it flavourful, the options are just endless! Not only that, it’s a magical ingredient when it comes to skincare; no matter what your skin type, you can whip up effective homemade face packs with gram flour or use it in combination with other ingredients to get rid of so many skincare concerns, be it acne or hyperpigmentation. All said and done, wouldn’t you like to know whether besan would fit into a weight loss diet or not? Let’s find out:

Gram flour can be gluten-free. It contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A6, and many essential minerals, such as iron potassium magnesium folate copper zinc. Gram flour has fiber, which is great for gut health. It’s also noteworthy that the fat content in besan is pretty low. You will feel fuller for longer thanks to the high protein content (22 gm/100gm) as well as fiber content. You get essential minerals like magnesium and copper, which can boost your energy levels.

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