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Is Air-Fried Food Good For Weight Loss?

Is Air-Fried Food Good For Weight Loss?

As the world begins to realize that excessive oil consumption can lead to increased health risks, it is looking for new ways to reduce this use. Because deep-frying uses a lot more oil, health conscious individuals who prefer their food crispy without the extra oil bring home fancy air fryers. The sale of air fryers has increased 76% in just the United States during the last two decades! It is thought that air frying can be a healthier alternative to deep-frying, as it reduces the health risks of deep-fried foods. Air frying also gives food the same texture.  In India too, from pakoras to samosas, everything that goes through air frying, is getting labelled as “healthy.”  But is air fried food good for weight loss and should you be placing all your weight loss hopes in the air fryer’s basket? Let’s find out:

Why deep frying is bad for health and weight loss?

1. Even the healthiest oils like olive oil can have a lot of calories (upto 124 calories for a tbsp!) Seed oils and vegetable oil, which are often used in deep-frying, are proinflammatory. They cause inflammation, increase oxidative stress and lead to cellular damage.

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