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Initio Mystic Experience Perfume Review


Initio Mystic Experience Eau de Parfum The opening is sweet and mixed red fruits. It tastes more like dark chocolate with bitter black coffee, but there’s a musky quality that makes it look less realistically than this description might suggest. Sandalwood, which was used to intensify the amber/musk, created a more animalic, fruity scent that was slightly sweeter and less red. It dried down to a soft and lightly spiced, musky, woody blur.

Notes from the Mystic Experience

It is described as a “combination of musk and coffee.” The notes are listed as “coffee, musk, vanilla, and patchouli” by the brand, but retailers also listed sandalwood, amber, and oakmoss.

What does the Mystic Experience smell like?

It started with sweet, red fruits, and was then slowly steeped in black beans with a small amount of dark, bitter cacao. It was no longer so fruity and was darker, deeper, and headier with a very rounded body that wasn’t a photorealistic coffee scent (which isn’t a pro or a con, merely trying to set the stage) that has a warm, nutty coffee kissed by a mix of amber and musk, slightly sweet and…

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