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How to properly deal with a bad salon experience


Barbie’s Beauty Tips: How to Handle a Bad Salon Experience

Many of us have experienced it: You book a salon appointment to get a new style, color corrections, highlights or keratin hair straightening. The results are not what you expected or worse, your hair is severely damaged or even painful. So what can you do to fix it? 

Do you wait to address the issue at home or speak up right away?

This article was written because I saw many posts on social media about salon customers leaving after a bad experience. They left the salon as if they were content and then went on to bashing the stylist. The salon was giving them unwelcome support, and they were left wondering why.

It’s understandable. No one wants to be rude. You must speak up politely. To avoid any mishaps between stylist and client, it’s important to be ready for your appointment.

Before you start, both the stylist and yourself must agree on everything. That’s it!

It is important to communicate your expectations clearly, let the stylist know what it is you want, and be comfortable asking many questions.

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