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How to Prevent Boob Swelling

How to Prevent Boob Swelling

How To Prevent Blow Sweat

Although it isn’t discussed in public, it does happen frequently. Sweaty Boobs (aka Swoobs), Boob Sweat. You know, I just said this because everyone sweats.

The expectation that women should smell like roses is a huge challenge. When you’re working out, sweating excessively, or in Las Vegas where the temperatures can be soaring, it is difficult to wear cute and stylish outfits.

Unfortunately, sweat does not go with the image that women must maintain to be clean, fresh and sexy at all times.

What are our options? The pits can also be covered in boob sweat.


Enjoyable History Lesson on Bathing

Let me first explain how to help. Reduce the swoobs (slang term)I would like to share with you something I learned on a trip I took some years ago.

Did you realize that early American colonists resisted the urge to bathe? They did wash their hands and face, but not bathe. It is dangerous to wipe off sweat It could cause pores to open and allow toxic substances in.

In the 17th Century, people thought that cleanliness was mainly about underwear. Colonists…

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