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How to lose weight after pregnancy


Embracing motherhood marks a new journey in a woman’s life – along with the arrival of the little bundle of joy, increase in responsibilities, post-partum weight gain can actually give you sleepless nights more than the baby. After the new moms have established a new routine around their baby, they will most likely think about losing any extra weight they gained through pregnancy. This is the time, crash dieting would look most appealing, but it’s not a healthy or effective way to get back into shape, not something your doctor would approve of! The baby may not get the right nutrition if the mother is still breastfeeds on a fad food. There is a safe alternative. Rati Beauty diet plans stress the importance of eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods without recommending you to take shortcuts or use pills or powders. Rati lost 27kgs following her delivery and did it twice more, even though she had to have a Cesarean section twice. So, here’s how you can lose weight after pregnancy and delivery, irrespective of whether it was a C-section or a normal delivery, but first, you need to get your doctor’s approval and consent to embark on your weight loss journey.

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