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Where to find estate sales near you

Where to find estate sales near you

Everyone knows I love a good estate sale. Many of my antiques, vintage clothing, “ghosty gals” and other countless treasures are from estate sales. People often ask, “How do you find estate sales?” and “How do estate sales work?” Well, I’ve been promising you a guide to estate sales and I’m finally delivering. Here’s how to find estate sales near you, along with answers to other frequently asked questions. Let’s start treasure hunting!

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate sales can contain a wealth of vintage and antique items. It’s also a great place to search for any household items, or really anything. Estate sales are often held when someone dies and their belongings need to be sold. Moving, downsizing or decluttering is another common reason. Estate sales are a great way to find a variety of items. From furniture and home d├ęcor to clothing and jewellery, they can be a treasure trove. It’s a great way to find a variety of unique treasures and give them a whole new life.

What’s the difference between an estate sale and a garage or yard sale?

Estate sales have a much broader scope than a simple garage sale. Then, you can see the whole picture. contents of someone’s home — sometimes even architectural salvage, depending on the sale. Although a yard sale or garage…

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