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How can endodontics help with your dental care


How can Endodontics help you with your dental care? Barbie’s Beauty Bits

If you’re having trouble with the soft pulp inside any of your teeth, endodontics can help. Endodontic treatments may sound foreign, but they’re merely a fancier term for root canal treatments.

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in saving teeth. They perform root canals as well as other special procedures. These can be used to save teeth from severe dental trauma. These endodontists have the ability to quickly treat your tooth problems using advanced technology and specialized techniques. 

If you are interested in learning more about how endodontics could help you with your dental service, keep reading.

What Endodontics Can Do
The pulp is an internal component of each tooth. Endodontic surgery may be required to fix damaged dental pulp.

The pulp is the only tooth part that remains alive. The pulp has a network blood vessels and nerves that provide nutrients to your tooth. Dentin is formed from the pulp, which gives teeth their color.

The bacteria that causes tooth decay can cause the outer portion of your tooth to deteriorate, which can lead to infection. It can result in painful ,…

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