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Fostering saves more than one life

Fostering saves more than one life

I’ve found renewed purpose in life by volunteering my time with my local animal rescue, and it is something that I’ve really invested myself into in a way that I don’t think I’ve done in anything in years and years. In my open letter from last month, I explained how volunteering was a great way to get out of a difficult time in my life and into something more manageable. It helped me find joy, feel good, and be able to cope with my situation. I had no idea how much it would brighten my life and give me something new to be passionate about.

I wanted to share my experience volunteering with local animal rescues, whether they appeal to you or otherwise. I also wanted to encourage readers to find ways to volunteer in their own communities to support nonprofits and other organizations that resonate with them. There are often numerous ways to volunteer for an organization that make opportunities accessible for many–in rescue, it could be helping coordinate events, transporting animals, making decor for an event at home, or helping with laundry, in addition to more typical ways to volunteer.

I have mainly been volunteering and fostering on-site for

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