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Don’t Go Grocery Shopping When Hungry! Here’s Why!


There’s a funny quote that goes like this – “Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry, don’t give your heart when lonely :P” In both the situations, there’s a high likelihood of making wrong decisions because when hungry, cravings can push you to make impulsive choices that would cater to satisfy immediate cravings and similarly, loneliness can make you totally ignore all the red flags and jump into wrong kind of relationship These impulsive food choices can sabotage your weight loss efforts! Even though the above-mentioned quote underlines the importance of making choices when in a balanced and rational state of mind, we would skip doling out relationship advice, and would like to further explain why you shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, particularly when trying to lose weight. Here’s why!

dont go grocery shopping while hungry heres why

When you are trying to lose weight, every calorie counts, and that’s why cutting down on high-calorie food and eliminating ultra-processed foods with loads of empty calories, would help you to maintain a calorie deficit, which is absolutely necessary to burn fat, whether it’s overall body fat or belly fat. Experts recommend eating more nutrient dense food to help…

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