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Can Raw Garlic help with weight loss?


Indian cuisine is rich in garlic and Indian moms love to cook with it. In ancient medicine, garlic has been used to increase immunity and cure cold/flu. It also helps to treat heart disease. Recent popularity of garlic as an antidote for obesity has led to questions about its true fat-burning capabilities. Let’s find out:

Garlic is known to have metabolism-boosting properties. Allicin, a compound found in raw garlic, has been shown to reduce weight gain, brown fat loss, and improve insulin resistance. These factors all increase fat metabolism. Also read: “24 Things you Have Done Today That Might Hamper Weight Loss.”

Garlic has also been shown to suppress appetite. There’s a mention in the Journal of Nutrition which implies that garlic supplementation seems to reduce waist circumference as well.

But, garlic over consumption can cause side effects such as heartburn, digestive problems, allergic reactions, and stomach upsets. There are no quick fixes for excess weight and garlic is not an effective way to lose it. A calorie-deficit…

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