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Devinah Fairy Fire Look

Devinah Fairy Fire Look

Hello, lovely people. Today I’m sharing my Devinah Fairy Fire look. I’m currently obsessed with this indie multichrome eyeshadow! It doesn’t have an official shade description but here’s what the brand says about it: brings you the most magical color from their pixie flames. The base is sheer, which makes Fairy Fire an excellent topper, inner corner pop, or if you’re daring, intense cheekbone highlight.

Fairy Fire was my first choice, as I’m a daring person.

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Devinah Fairy Fire Look

Cordelia is wearing Lethal Thorn & Monarch with Devinah Fairy Fire and Starfire

A photo demonstrating Cordelia's hooded eyes

I have included this photo to demonstrate how the hoods on my eyes fall onto the mobile lid. I had someone again say I couldn’t have hooded eyes because you can see about 1/3 of my inner lid. Hooded eyes come in a variety of shapes! If you’re wondering if you have hooded eyes, check out my guideĀ Do I Have Hooded Eyes?

Cordelia is wearing orange pink, and red matte eyeshadows with iridescent yellow-green and burgundy-red multichrome eyeshadows by Devinah

Cordelia is wearing multichrome makeup

This photo was taken using the front facing camera of my iPhone. It’s not the best photo but I like how the colors are captured.

Cordelia is wearing Half-Magic Beauty Invoice Attached mouth cloud topped with Karla Moody Cow and Devinah Fairy Fire

Nyx Grey Micro Brow pen
Nyx Cool Ash brown thickening eyebrow gel

Concrete Minerals Glitter Eye Primers
Lethal Cosmetics Monarch Thorn Cascade
Devinah Fairy Fire, Starfire, Patrina, Karma
Fenty Beauty Lavender Pro Filt’r Loose Powder
Eyeko Lash Alert Caffeine Curl…

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