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List of cruelty-free makeup brands


Last updated February 14, 2023

Welcome to my Cruelty Free Makeup Brands List 2023 Even if the parent company is cruelty-free, I will support cruelty-free brands. Supporting animal-friendly businesses is a great way to eliminate animal testing. If a company isn’t cruelty-free but makes the decision to be cruelty-free, then I will support them! I would like brands to stop testing animals.

Note: I have just updated my blog with a new theme. My cruelty-free database isn’t working correctly. It is currently being fixed by the designers who made it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How to Get Cruelty Free!

  1. Keep track of my Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands List.
  2. Join the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group to make new friends, share makeup looks & talk about cruelty-free beauty.
  3. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see cruelty-free beauty.
  4. Check out my Practical Guide for Going Cruelty Free.
  5. Visit Leaping Bunny.

You are thinking about going vegan?

This guide is a great resource for anyone who wants to change to a vegan lifestyle.

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