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Computer Face: What’s it all about?


Computer Face: What’s the Deal?

While computers have revolutionized our world, there are also some drawbacks. Too much time spent in front of a computer can cause damage to your eyes, eyes, weight, blood sugar, bloodpressure, and face.

Tech face, also known as computer face, is a term that describes the effects of prolonged time spent in front of a computer monitor. How can you avoid it? This is a comprehensive guide.

What is a Computer Face?
A Computer face A complexion that you get when your eyes are constantly closed or you frown at your computer. Different studies Studies show that those who spend long hours staring at computers are more at risk for premature aging.

You will see frown lines and fine lines as well as deep wrinkles, deep lines, turkey neck, and even jowls. Because office workers spend most of their time at the computer, they are more likely to show signs of premature skin aging.

Computer Zoom Dysmorphia and Computer Face
Dr. Shadi Kourosh, director of community at Mass General Hospital Dermatology in 2021, invented the term Zoom dysmorphia.

Many were surprised to see the Zoom reflection when COVID began work-from-home. Except for occasional glances in the mirror, most people have never had a conversation while working from home.

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