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ColourPop Vanilla Bean Highlighter Reviews & Swatches

ColourPop Vanilla Bean Highlighter Reviews & Swatches

Vanilla Bean

ColourPop Vanilla Bean Pressed Powder Blush This product is available for $10.00 per 0.28 oz. It is a white that has been slightly warmed up with subtle undertones. It also has a luminous, smooth sheen. In the pan it looked more yellow and pale gold, but in reality it was more white.

  • Semi-opaque, buildable pigmentation
  • No powderiness; a smooth, light emollient texture
  • Blend out evenly and easily
  • Long-wearing (8 hours before fading visibly)

Further Reading:
Formula Overview
Details on performance and general characteristics (like fragrance) are available.

Formula Overview

$12.00/0.21 oz. – $57.14 per Ounce

The powder highlighter should have a “high shine” finish and “high color intensity.” ColourPop pressed highlighter has a medium-dense texture with a smooth finish. The powder is soft and easy to apply using a brush, yet does not kick any powder into the pan. The formula was semi opaque to opaque and could be sheered for less coverage or shine if desired. Some shades in the range enhanced my skin’s texture but not all. The wear ranged between seven and half…

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