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ColourPop Lux Lipsticks Spring 2023


Release Date + Information About the Launch

The iconic lipstick comes in 31 shades and 2 Lux finishes. Create the perfect pout with it! The next-level formula glides on easily and has a comfortable, luxurious feel.

January 12th


Products in the Launch

Lux Lipstick, $10.00 (New, Permanent)

  • The Lounge (Creme) (Existing)
  • What’s up? (Creme) (New)
  • Layover (Creme) (Existing)
  • Trending (Creme) (New)
  • Hottie (Creme) (New)
  • Weekend Trip (Blur)
  • Still crazy (Creme) (Existing)
  • Lioness (Creme) (New)
  • Take off Duty (Blur) (New)
  • Virgo Moon (Blur) (Existing)
  • Y2K (Blur) (Existing)
  • CA Love (Blur) (Existing)
  • Latte (Creme) (New)
  • 21 Questions (Blur)
  • Foolish (Creme) (Existing)
  • Gallop (Creme) (Existing)
  • Drama Much (Creme) (New)
  • Pure Luv (Creme) (New)
  • Superbloom (Blur) (Existing)
  • Hot Ones (Creme) (New)
  • Solo (Blur) (Existing)
  • Mix it Up (Creme) (New)
  • The Pod (Creme) (New)
  • Ivar (Creme) (New)
  • Gigi (Blur) (New)
  • Holla (Creme) (New)
  • So…

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