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ColourPop Hottie & Lioness Lux Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches



ColourPop Hottie Lux Lipstick $10.00 for 0.12 oz. It is a medium, medium-dark coral with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish.

  • Opaque color coverage
  • It is light and creamy with a mild emollient.
  • Applied evenly and didn’t emphasize lip texture
  • Hydrating for long-term (4.5 hours),

Formula Overview
For more information on performance and characteristics (such as scent), please visit:

Top Dupes

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These are dupes that the editor pulled, but has not yet rated or officially entered.
  • Hourglass I Dream (P), $34.00
  • Bobbi Brown Retro Coral (P), $40.00
  • MAC Sheer Outrage (P, $22.00).
  • Hermes Rose Inoui (27) (LE, $72.00).
  • ColourPop Bloom Time (LE), 10.00
  • Sephora Can’t Stop (05) (P, $15.00).
  • Bobbi brown Express Stop (P), $40.00
  • Tom Ford Beauty Cherry (LE), $36.00
  • Bite Beauty Chiffonade, DC, $24.00
  • NARS Joyride, LE, $26.00

Formula Overview

$10.00/0.12 oz. – $83.33 Per Ounce

The formula that is…

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