Home Cosmetics Chanel Water-Fresh Blush Swatches (x5)

Chanel Water-Fresh Blush Swatches (x5)


Chanel Water-Fresh Blush Swatches (x5)
Chanel Water-Fresh Blush Swatches (x5)

Chanel Water-Fresh Blush is a new liquid blush formula that is available in six shades! There was one shade (Light Pink) that was already sold out when I made my purchase, so I only have five of the six shades swatched. They did apply a lot better on my skin, in practice, than the initial swatches would otherwise indicate. I would recommend pumping a small amount (the smallest you can manage) onto the back of your hand or a metal spatula, then use a brush to swirl and mix. Fingers did not mix up the water and pigment bits well!

Also, I noticed that they looked very same-same applied with respect to color and tone when I tried them, so I’d just get one that would show up best on one skin’s tone as they are quite sheer.

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