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Chanel Bois Noir & Cuivre Dore Eyeliner Reviews & Swatches


Bois Noir (58)

Chanel Bois Noir (58) Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($34.00 per 0.01 oz. This deep brown color is paired with fine, golden pearls.

  • Sheer coverage
  • It is light and creamy so it can be applied easily, even though it looks patchy in the swatch
  • It was not evenly applied, difficult to build up
  • Long-wearing (9 hours)

Formula Overview
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Top Dupes

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  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Glitterbug (P $24.00) has a shimmerier (95%).
  • Urban Decay Corrupt (P $22.00) is more shiny (90% identical).
  • Chanel Revelation (897) is more shimmery and lighter (LE, $34.00).
  • MAC Bitter In Glitter (LE) is cooler (90% identical).
  • NARS Last Frontier (P. $24.00), is darker, more warm (85%) and less shimmery.
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty (Earthquake) (P, $25.00), is less shimmery and warmer (80%).

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