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Are Soups Good for Weight Loss?


What can warm your soul in these cold temperatures? Warm soup is the best thing to warm your soul in this cold weather. Truly speaking, there’s never a good season or reason to have a comforting bowl of soup. Also, don’t we love ordering soups at our favorite restaurants before the main meal? Can you eat soups while on a diet? Would having soup every day hamper your weight loss efforts? Let’s find out:

Homemade soups, whether it’s tomato, pumpkin, spinach, beans, mushroom, vegetable broth or spicy chicken soup, they are all good because they increase satiety, stretch the tummy and keep it full, and help to slash calories in the subsequent meals. It’s actually a good idea to start your meal with a soup because studies show that preloading with soups decreases hunger, increases fullness, and therefore helps to control subsequent food intake in the main meal. Also read: “10 Ways to Cut Hundreds of Empty Calories Through The Day.”

You get lots of flavour from soups made with fresh vegetables and spices such as black pepper, ginger turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, and the nutrients, and metabolic-boosting benefits (from spices). A soup fills the stomach, unlike fruit juices which spike blood sugar.

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