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Buenos Aires Airbnb: Recoleta Neighborhood

Buenos Aires Airbnb: Recoleta Neighborhood

If you are looking for a place to stay in the lovely Recoleta area, I recommend our Buenos Aires-based Airbnb. This listing is available here. The listing can be found here. Too The hotel we chose was not available for booking until our departure. On the advice of others, we originally planned to stay in Palermo. After seeing how much more expensive the prices were than usual due to the travel window, I began looking for other options. Recoleta was a quieter, but still very fashionable neighborhood. I found several affordable hotel options that were fine but decided to also check out the Airbnb options. I don’t always choose Airbnbs for international travel — I’ll get more into that later — but in this case, it felt like our best option. And it was!

Quick note: Delta Skymiles members should book their Delta x Airbnb via the hub. I’m kicking myself for not doing that to get extra miles!

Our Buenos Aires Airbnb was a hit

More Space

Our group was 3 and we wanted some privacy and extra space on the first leg. The space was charming and comfortable with 2 bedrooms, 3 beds and a small kitchen. There were also living and dining areas.

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