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Brunch Party Idea with Bagel Board

Brunch Party Idea with Bagel Board

The crowd pleasing bagel board

In my new(ish) suburban life, I’ve found that I love to entertain. Having a house that we’ve made our own had that effect on me. But one thing hasn’t changed: I still don’t love to cook or bake. So I’m always looking for easy entertaining options. I make charcuterie or snack boards for any occasion. I’ve also learned that brunch is the absolute easiest time to host a gathering. If you’re looking for an easy brunch party idea, I’ve got you covered. Enter the crowd pleasing bagelboard.

What to include on your bagel board

There are many options when it comes to toppings for a bagel platter, but I prefer the classics. Here, I have two different types of smoked salmon — one regular, one with everything but the bagel seasoning — dill, tomatoes, cucumbers, and capers. Assorted cream cheeses are arranged in beautiful bowls.

I actually make two boards. One holds the bagels in various varieties (which I replenish as soon as they run out, to ensure that nothing goes stale) and the other has the toppings. On the counter, I have two toaster in case someone wants their bagels toasted.

Why I love it at brunch parties

The first time I made a bagel board, I wasn’t sure how popular it would be. We…

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