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Black Chocolate Cherry Cake

Black Chocolate Cherry Cake

Today I’m sharing my black chocolate cherry cake recipe with you. Happiness101 Bakery is awesome and they catered my Gothic wedding. They usually make me a cake on my birthday. This year, because I’m on target to meet my fitness goals and didn’t want to be overloaded on sugar, I decided to make the healthiest, tastiest birthday cake I could possibly do on my own.

Protein Powder: Important Information

Not all protein powders are created equal! I’ve tried some pretty awful protein powders to find the hidden gem of Ryse Chocolate Cookie Blast. It is important to choose the right protein powder. Some are absolutely disgusting when used for baking even if they’re passable for protein shakes.

I’m using my favorite protein powder, the Ryse Chocolate Cookie Blast, as the base for the cake. The cake has a sugar free Black Cherry Jello poke layer, as Jello poke is one of Dave’s favorite things in a cake and he’s converted me to enjoying it. I used sugar-free Chocolate pudding for the icing. Cream cheese icing is my usual choice.

Equipment I Used

  • Kitchenaid stand mixer (the wisk attachment makes icing a breeze)
  • Rainbow measuring cups and spoons in all sizes, including those that are hard to find
  • silicone oven mitts…

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