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Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate Review


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I wanted to let you know about this really interesting (and exciting) new serum the Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate because it’s the first time the brand has collaborated with a Consultant Dermatologist to create a product. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Beauty Pie Youthbomb?
Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate

Beauty Pie have been working with Dr Andrew Markey for the last three years to bring the new Beauty Pie Youthbomb concentrate to market. I went to the launch hosted by Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore and Dr Markey and it is was easy to see how proud they were of it.

The new concentrate is all about delivering glowy, luminous, hydrated skin and firming and repairing the barrier. Apparently you could start to see skin improvements within a couple of weeks of use.

I have used it a couple of times now and it certainly does give an instant glow which, of course, I love. It’s also super hydrating and plumping and feels very gentle and soothing on the skin.

The concentrate formula uses:

an exclusive Biolog-Elastic™ Complexa powerful proprietary blend of 15 active ingredientsIncludes Bi, Tri and Hexapeptides, Proteins, Exopolysaccharides, super hydrators and soothersWorks to visibly firm, resurface, brighten, tighten, hydrate and illuminateSuitable for dullness, anti-ageing and hyperpigmentation

Beauty Pie Youthbomb Key Ingredients

This formula comprises 27% active ingredients and features 15 different active ingredients in the Biolog-Elastic™ Complex:

Powerful Phyto Extract that provides emollient, moisturising and soothing effects.Synthetic Hexapeptide with skin brightening and antioxidant benefitsMarine Active with high content in Proteins and Exopolysaccharides to reinforce structural integrity & elasticity of the skin and boosts epidermal cohesion and barrier functionActive Marine Biotechnology that recharges, firms and strengthens the skin by helping boost protein synthesisElastic, flexible oat-derived molecule for an immediate firming effect.

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First Impressions Review

As I said earlier, I wanted to give you a quick first impressions of the new Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate because it’s a first from the brand and has a really impressive formula. I thought this might be useful in case you were looking to spend some of your Beauty Pie allowance.

Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate

It’s early days, and I haven’t tested it properly by any means, but it’s an extremely elegant formulation and is absolutely lovely to use. It has a super light texture, very similar to the La Mer Renewal Oil, but more water-based.

It’s the ideal texture for applying straight on to clean skin after cleansing as it sinks in beautifully and preps skin perfectly for richer textures. Dr Markey recommends applying a layer to clean skin and then waiting about 60 seconds before applying your next product.

Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate

The great thing about Beauty Pie Youthbomb 360° Radiance Concentrate is that it can slot into literally any skincare routine and presents no conflicts with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C or Retinol.

You could use it with Vitamin C in the morning and with Retinol at night and it will work to repair barrier function, increase radiance and boost firmness and elasticity.

Not only does it contain super-hydrators like Polyglutamic Acid, but the marine actives strengthen and support barrier function, and super-antioxidants protect the skin from environmental aggressors and also blue light. It’s pretty much a do-it-all serum. Just add sunscreen and you’re fully protected.

Where to buy Beauty Pie Youthbomb

Youthbomb is £44 and available exclusively at Beauty Pie.

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What is Beauty Pie?

Just in case this is your first time learning about a Beauty Pie product, here’s a quick explanation.

It’s a beauty members club that allows access to a huge range of luxury makeup, skincare, candles, fragrances, haircare and body care at very affordable prices that cut out the cost of the middleman.

There are a range of different memberships available with different monthly spending limits, depending on how much product you’d want to buy a month. For a more in-depth explanation, and other product recommendations, make sure you read My Guide to Beauty Pie & What to Buy.


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