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Are you scared of losing weight?

Are you scared of losing weight?

“Change is the only constant in life” is a famous quote with a deep meaning by Greek philosopher Heraclitus. It means that nothing is static and everything has a tendency to move. But a lot of us are intimidated and apprehensive about changing, whether it’s a change in the environment, change in people’s behavior, or within ourselves. We all know and probably suffer from a fear of gaining weight, but there’s also a large population out there that’s scared of losing weight! Some people are afraid of losing weight because they fear having to change, go out of their comfort zone and possibly lose their personality. Also, there’s the anxiety that people would treat them differently and wouldn’t accept the big physical change in them. There are a few more reasons behind this fear of losing weight and it’s really difficult to start your weight loss journey with these fears in the mind. Let’s address them one by one.

1. You may be afraid that diet plans will make you starve or survive on salads.

It’s a myth that diets would ask you to do these things first – 1) Stay away from food. 2) Reduce your main diet. You’re being asked to survive.

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