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About Face Berry Smash & Cherry Good Cherry Pick Lip Color Butters Reviews & Swatches


Berry Smash

About Lip Color Butter: Face Berry Smash Cherry Pick ($15.00 per 0.06 oz. It is a purple-colored berry with cooler undertones. The berries have a glossy, creamy finish.

  • Semi-opaque pigmentation
  • Creamy, melting texture–use light hand when applying
  • Smoothly and evenly applied to my lips
  • Long-wearing (4 Hours), Hydrating

Formula Overview
Details on general performance and characteristics (such a scent) are available.

These are dupes that the editor pulled, but has not yet rated or officially entered.
  • Lisa Eldridge Delilah (P, $25.00).
  • NARS Californiacation (LE, $26.00).
  • Fenty Beauty Bubble Binge, LE, $19.00
  • Lisa Eldridge Charm (P, $25.00).
  • NARS Bait (LE, $26.00).
  • ColourPop Pretty In (P) – $10.00
  • Too Faced Peach, please! (P, $19.00).

Formula Overview

$15.00/0.06 oz. – $250.00 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed have a “super shiny, high shine” finish. This takes a “pigmented touch of color” and makes it into a…

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