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A stranger’s souvenirs


As much as my life has changed in the fifteen years since I started this blog, one thing remains the same: I’m just as obsessed with vintage and and thrifting as ever. Another thing that hasn’t changed: I assign meaning and memories to things that belonged to the complete strangers before me.

Although estate sale shopping is my favourite pastime, it can cause me to feel overwhelmed by sadness. But it’s not just sadness — it’s nostalgia that doesn’t belong to me. It’s completely made up or pieced together from the items I see in the hour or so that I’m wandering through someone’s house and sorting through their possessions. Even when I get excited about some incredible piece of clothing, ephemera, or antique furniture, I have to remind myself that it comes at the expense of someone’s life — and their loved ones’ grief.

What’s worse is when there is no one left to mourn them, no one who wants to keep the family albums or heirlooms. Another day, I will tell you a similar story. But today, we celebrate the woman who left behind the most colorful existence I’ve seen in awhile.

Vintage shirt, jumpsuit, hat. Below are some vintage jumpsuits I have selected.

When visiting estate sales, I’m…

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