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Living a slower life can lead to new adventures

Living a slower life can lead to new adventures

Fair warning: I am going to be very long. I simply felt the need to record my thoughts.

It was hard for me to adjust to the move from NYC to South Florida. This might be an understatement. Anyone who saw me cry in my closet, at my favorite restaurants, or as we entered our new house, would know that I was a mess. Because I was so upset about our decision, I decided to wait until the day before we left to tell my friends.

There was a time that I had only eyes for New York City.

Despite being our Choice when a lot of people weren’t afforded that luxury, moving back home felt like admitting defeat.

We’re taught to keep moving forward. That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why moving home, no matter how much it makes sense or can better your life, feels like such a huge step back despite being cyclical. You can move exclusively forward and you’ll still return to the beginning if you’re running in a circle.

Is that always bad?

It all depends on where you started and how much you have. that starting point have changed since then, and what state of mind you’re in.

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Why I moved to NYC


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